Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Advantages of LED Signage Over Neon Lighting

Anywhere you go these days, be it a food joint, bus stations or anywhere else for that matter you will find digital display showing you new offers, schedule, and other details.

It won’t be wrong to say that these have almost completely replaced all the conventional modes of advertising that included static hoardings, billboards, and neon lights.

I remember, there was a time when neon signs were much hyped, but that is a thing of past. If you start comparing these two- neon lights and LED displays, you will find out that LED has much more to offer than neon lights.

The biggest plus point of neon signage was its start up cost. The initial investment needed to purchase it was much less, making it a preferred choice then.

The down sides of these lights are many. They are highly fragile and prone to harsh outdoor conditions. Since they are made up of glass tubes, they can shatter and crack very easily.

Another disadvantage of neon lights is that they are highly static. Once installed, its appearance, design and message cannot be altered in the coming years, without making substantial expenses.

However, on the other hand, LED boards have numerous advantages over these lights. Install them indoor or outdoor, these LED displays will work the same. These are not as fragile as neon lights are. Rather they can endure the outdoor harsh conditions and keep functioning for long.

Since their technology is highly durable, once installed you can expect LED signs to work for almost a decade without having to spend any money.

You can totally customize them! You can keep on updating your board and make it more dynamic to attract maximum customers. You can keep on displaying newer discount schemes and offers to tell your audience more about your business.

I agree that they are comparatively little more expensive than the neon lights, but if you consider all the characteristics of these two, you will definitely go for the LED option, because they do cost a little more in the beginning, but in the long run, they prove to be much more cost effective than any other mode of advertising.

So, the choice is all yours’. You can choose to stick with the conventional promotion techniques, or you could make your move and switch to this efficient and effective mode of advertising!

Outdoor LED displays outdo neon signs and all other signage in various different ways. When it comes down to attracting more customers, neon lights can just not be compared with LED displays.

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